Random Thought Thursday: April 12th Edition

  1. Does anyone know why sitcom characters don’t remove their shoes when they enter their homes?  This bothers me.
  2. My husband and I were thinking of going to Vegas in the next month or so but I’m a little nervous as we’ve never left X. before so now we’re wondering if we should stick a little closer to home.  I’m excited to have time with him but this a new experience for me.  Any advice or ideas on what we should do?
  3. X. has decided that he no longer needs naps.  Mamma still needs them though.  His nap was when I got everything done around the house.  I’ve found this to be a challenge and will definitely require a change in strategy on my part.
  4. My email box was out of control this week.  I’ve almost conquered it but have undoubtedly offended many as I was not a quick with the replies as I should have been.  Terribly sorry about that.
  5. Just copy of the Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian and am super excited!  The recipes look great and I’m going to pick out a few to try this weekend.

2 responses to “Random Thought Thursday: April 12th Edition

  1. Here’s my ‘two cents’ re: nap time. Several of my other ‘parenty’ friends instituted a ‘quiet time’ routine after their kids no longer needed naps. Quiet time involves being in their room, on their own, with quiet toys. You still have time on your own, and they still have some down time on their own.

    re: leaving X. I know the first time we left A. overnight we were just going downtown and it was hard. The good thing was knowing that we COULD get back if we needed too (or if we were feeling too anxious!). Once we were away, we were fine, but it was hard doing the leaving. In my limited opinion, I would say that sticking closer to home the first time might be better. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the advice. We’ve sort of started the quiet time ritual when he doesn’t nap but I think I’m going to have to get more regimented about it. He needs a rest even if he doesn’t sleep!

    We’re also going to stick closer to home. I appreciate your words of wisdom on this. From what everyone is saying I think it will be best! 🙂

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