Let’s just end it already…

I’m tired of hearing about how the church is dying.
Let’s just kill it already and be done with it.
Seriously, I’m tired of this.

There is so much negativity floating around out there.
There is so much disbelief in the resurrection that I want to bang my head repeatedly against my desk sometimes.
When will we start believing in the resurrection?
When will we start believing that the Holy Spirit could come?

Think about it, what sane person would join an organization that believes it’s dying?  No one I know.

How are we supposed to attract people when all we do is talk about death?
We need to become a church of the resurrection.

Our focus needs to be the Gospel, not the next roast beef dinner.
We should be feeding the poor and helping our community, not worrying about cash.
We must stop dwelling on death and start embracing life.

We are a church that speaks about resurrection.
It’s time we started believing in it.

3 responses to “Let’s just end it already…

  1. I hear ya loud and clear Becky!
    1. This reminded me of a sermon not so long ago at our church. Our pastor talked about how the early Christians preached the resurrection. THAT was what won new believers. We seem to focus so much on Jesus dying for our sins…which is essential….but miss talking about the new life we have BECAUSE He is risen!
    2. I have become frustrated with big churches that follow a ‘business’ model for growth. And, is that growth really from people coming to know Jesus or from Christians playing musical churches.
    If we as the church really started reaching out to our communities I believe we’d start to see real change & revival. That being said, I need to remind myself that I need to live that. I can’t change what the church in general does, but I can make sure that I am reaching out instead of always looking in.

    Great post!

  2. Beautifully said, and very true!

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