The 2011 Advent Project

Welcome to the new and improved Advent Project page.  This year’s sugar free Advent Calendar has something for everyone. Every day there is something new to do either alone or with your family (whether it be prayer, scripture, activities or giving).   It’s purpose is to help us prepare for the coming of Christ.  I’d love for you to join with me as I journey through Advent with my friends and family.  I hope you enjoy the project!

If you like the project and want to use it for anything other than personal use (ie: with your Church Family Ministries or as a Bulletin Insert) please contact me and we will make it happen!


  • Each day has a project.  If possible I’d love for you to complete it.  That said don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t get completed.  Either tack it on to another day or skip it.  No one will know but you and God.  It’s all good.
  • Light a candle before dinner as a reminder of Christ’s light in the world.
  • After lighting the candle say grace as a reminder of God’s many blessings in you life.  Give thanks for things like food, shelter and the gift of Christ.
  • Set the mood for the season.  Decorate as you are able and put Christmas Carols on throughout the day to keep you in the holiday spirit.
  • Say a quick prayer when you wake up thanking God for the day and for the promise of a Savior.
  • While you are wrapping your gifts, pray for each recipient.

Remember, this is supposed to be FUN!  Enjoy your time this holiday season with friends and family and really treasure your encounters with GOD.  Keep your eyes and ears open to truly embrace everything the season has to offer.

Daily Activities

November 30: Light your candle.  Read: Isaiah 7:14-15.  Reflect on what you’d like to do this holiday season.   Pray that your family feels the true meaning of the holiday season.

December 1:  Begin collecting food for your local food bank.  Throw in your favorites (like pudding cups, macaroni noodles and jello) along with staples that people really need.  When you’re shopping find some items on sale and purchase them as you are able.

December 2: Your first Friday of the holiday season!  LIkely things aren’t too busy yet so enjoy a night at home.  Pop a movie in, pull out some snacks and enjoy a quiet night of relaxation.

December 3: It’s Saturday and the mall will be packed.  As much as you might like to avoid it, go!  Have everyone perform a random act of kindness.  Ideas include:  holding open a door for someone, buying the next person in line’s coffee, carrying someone’s parcels out to their car, complementing someone.   Anyway you can make a difference in the day and lighten someone’s mood is a great gift to give at Christmas.

December 4: Light your candle. Read: Luke 1:26-38.  Reflect on the past week and see if you enjoyed yourself.  Ask everyone if there is a particular activity they enjoy doing over the holidays and try to fit it in over the next few weeks.

December 5:  Pick a charity or organization as a family that you’d like to get involved with this Christmas.  Think of ways you can contribute (could be with time, talents or money).

December 6:  It’s Red/Green day!  Incorporate red/green into as much of the day as you can from breakfast, to clothing and even desserts!

December 7: Pray today for people around the world who are in need this season.

December 8: Loose change can change the world!  Begin collecting your change in a jar as you get closer to Christmas find a charity you with to donate it to.

December 09: Host a games night!  Invite friends and family over.  Get silly!

December 10:  Prepare your favorite, feel good meal.  If you don’t cook, order in!  Sit down and reflect on what it means to you, the memories and feelings that are associated with it.  If you’re part of a family, make as many favorites throughout the week as you are able.

December 11: Light your candle.  Read: Luke 2: 1-7.  Reflect on how quickly the holidays are going.  Think about  things you are looking forward to doing and see if there’s anything else you’d like to squeeze in or let go.

December 12: Call a friend/family member you haven’t talked to in a while and wish them Merry Christmas.

December 13:  Enjoy hot chocolate as a treat before bed.  If you’re really feeling crazy add some marshmallows!

December 14:  Go through your closet and pull out a few items of clothing that you no longer use.  Donate them to a local charity of your choice.

December 15:  Pray for families in need in the local community.

December 16:  Build a gingerbread house.  This can be done in isolation or as part of a big group.  Throw a party if you’re so inclined.  Depending on your skill (and those you might be working with) set feel free to build one from scratch or buy a pre-made kit.  Get creative and have fun!

December 17:  Get outside!  Run, walk, play, sing.  Engage with the beauty of the season.

December 18:  Light your candle.  Read: Luke 2: 8-15.  Think about what you have most enjoyed in the past week.

December 19: Walk through your neighborhood after dinner to look at the Christmas lights.

December 20:  Put apple cider in the crock pot in the morning on low with a few cinnamon sticks.  When you get home the aroma will be heavenly!  After dinner enjoy an extra special treat. (This can be done on the stove before dinner if you don’t have a crock pot of course!)

December 21: Read a Christmas Story.  Any Christmas story.  It could be a Christmas romance, a children’s holiday novel, “A Christmas Carol”, anything that puts you in the holiday spirit will do.

December 22: Arrange a plate of Christmas goodies to have as a treat after dinner.   Too often we save them for company!  Enjoy an evening together doing what you love as a family.

December 23: Put Christmas Carols on the stereo.  Light candles or turn on your lights.  Set the mood around the house and really enjoy the day.  Don’t let the busyness of the next few days get to you so you miss out on what it truly is about.  Take some time for yourself to truly reflect on what Christmas means.

December 24:  Light your candle.  Read: Luke 2: 15-20.  Reflect on what Christmas means to you.  Head on out to Church and celebrate the reason for the season!

December 25: Hallelujah!  Christ is born!  Before you begin the day say a prayer thanking God for the blessing of the Christ Child.  Embrace the day for what it truly is and go out in celebration of God’s greatest gift.

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