The Mid-Summer Project

The Mid-Summer Project:
A time of Restoration, Renewal and Faith.

I have been trying to think of a good activity for us to take on this summer as a family and I kept going back to the Advent Calendar from December.  As a family activity is was a lot of fun.  We had things to look forward to and it was something that forced us to remember the real reasons we were celebrating.

Too often the summer goes by and we’re left wondering where it went.  As a result of my musing I came up with this, a Mid-Summer calendar.  Each day there is a new activity for the family to do together.  If you’d like to join in the fun please feel free, we’d love to have more on the journey.

If you decide to blog about your mid-summer journey please let me know and I’ll post a link to your blog so others can find you!

We look forward to the journey and think it will be an interesting and rewarding summer for our family.  If you’d like to use this for anything other than personal use (Ie: with your Church Family Ministries) please contact me and we will make arrangements to ensure that is possible.


  • Like the Advent project, the Mid Summer Calendar has a project each day.  If you can complete it that is wonderful but if not, don’t worry.  It is Summer after all!  If you skip a day here and there, I’ll never know and in the end it’s supposed to be fun.
  • If it’s possible try to eat at least one meal together as a family daily.
  • Say grace to give thanks for God’s many blessings in your family’s life.
  • Enjoy the summer.  Make some Ice Pops.  Get outside as much as possible.  Read books together.  Have naps.  Embrace some down time.
  • Say a quick prayer when you wake up thanking God for the day, for your family and friends and for the blessings all around you
  • If you’d rather use a Children’s Bible for the Scripture lessons, go ahead!  Some of the stories are rather long so it’s a great way to get the point across without having anyone lose interest.  Also if you’d like to cut some verses, feel free.  There are no rules here!
  • Remember, this is a fun activity!  Don’t stress out if you forget one thing or miss a day.  Enjoy your time.  Treasure your encounters with God.  Embrace this season for what it truly is, a time of restoration in both body and relationship.

Week 1 Theme: God’s creation

Thursday June 30:  Read the Scripture together for the coming week as a family:  Genesis Chapter 1

Friday July 1:  It’s movie night!

Saturday July 2:  Head to the local farmer’s market and allow each person to pick out a vegetable or fruit they would like to try for the week.

Sunday July 3: Sabbath is important.  We all need some rest at times.  This afternoon, turn off your computers, phones, TV and other distractions.  Use your free time to reconnect as a family.

Monday July 4:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!  Our earth needs a little help from us.  Find ways you can reduce, reuse and recycle around the home.

This could include:

  • returning pop cans together
  • making a craft out of old egg cartons or paper towel rolls
  • collecting a bag of clothes for charity

Tuesday July 5: Go on a walk together as a family to enjoy creation.

Wednesday July 6: Prayer:  Give thanks for God’s creation, for the blessing of food, flowers, animals and anything else that comes to mind.

Week 2 Theme: God Provides

Thursday July 7: Read the Scripture together for the coming week as a family: Luke 9: 10-17

Friday July 8th:  Movie night!  Enjoy some time with family.

Saturday July 9th: Head out on a picnic to enjoy some family time, after all the setting for the Feeding of the Five Thousand was kind of like a giant picnic!

Sunday July 10:  Enjoy a Sabbath. Order dinner in. Put your feet up. Turn off distractions and embrace what the day has to offer.

Monday July 11:  Eat a meal together involving bread and fish.  Discuss how you would feed 5000 if you only had 5 loaves and 2 fish.  Enjoy the answers you get!

Tuesday July 12: When you are out and about, look for containers to collect change for charity.  Talk about what happens when everyone contributes, and how a little goes a long way.  Pick a charity and collect spare change for it throughout the coming weeks.

Wednesday July 13: Pray for families in your community that are hungry.

Week 3 Theme:  God never leaves us.

Thursday July 14: Prepare for next week by reading Scripture together as a family: Jonah 1:1-4, 8-17 – 2:1-10

Friday July 15:  Movie Night!  Watch Jonah and the Big Whale together as a family.

Saturday July 16: Get outdoors!  Go swimming!  Enjoy a hike!  Spend some time on your bike!  Anything will do as long as you outside enjoying yourself.

Sunday July 17:  Sabbath!  Enjoy a day of freedom.

Monday July 18:  Gather together a bunch of strange textures (like peeled grapes, hard boiled eggs, cooked spaghetti, sauteed spinach etc) and place them in bowls covered with a towel.  Have everyone feel them and talk about what Jonah would have felt in the belly of the fish.  He couldn’t have seen anything but he would have felt everything!

Tuesday July 19: Go out for ice cream together as a family!

Wednesday July 20: Pray for the people in your community that are lonely.  We know that God never leaves us alone even in the belly of a fish but others aren’t lucky enough to know that.

Week 4 Theme:  Community and Relationship

Thursday July 21:  Prepare for next week by reading Scripture together as a family: Acts 2:42-47

Friday July 22: Movie Night!

Saturday July 23:  Head back to the farmers market and talk about where food comes from.  Talk to the farmer.  Ask the butcher questions.  Stress the importance of community.  We each have gifts we can give and it all contributes to our community.

Sunday July 24: Host a family/friend get together and break bread together.  Make it as fancy or a simple as you’d like.  You can go host a wine and cheese, or make jelly sandwiches.

Monday July 25: Have your favorite family meal for supper.

Tuesday July 26: Hit the road after dinner and enjoy a family walk around your neighborhood. 

Wednesday July 25: Pray for your community and any needs you are aware of.

Thursday July 26: Share some food with others.  You could take a basket of jam, some homemade soup or cookies to someone who could use a lift.  You could gather food to take to the food bank.  Either way, you’ll make a difference in someone’s life.

Friday July 27: Movie Night!

Saturday July 28: Gather together as a family or with friends to celebrate.  Enjoy an Ice Cream Sunday and share your month of adventures with others.

Sunday July 29: Enjoy your Sabbath.

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