The third dream…

I had a third dream last night but after much contemplation and discussion with my husband we’ve determined it wasn’t ‘the dream’.  This is a relief!

The dream I did have involved me arriving at church at 10:27 to lead a worship service at 10:30 and finding out that the church I was leading worship at was not in the same location as the one I was used to.  Instead of the church I was used to I entered a gray room with grey folding chairs and only 3-4 people that I knew.  Then when I got up to lead worship the call to worship was incorrect and the people just ever so calmly told me to go with it.  I had a very unsettled feeling in that church and I felt weird leading things.  It did not feel like I belonged there and I was glad to wake up.

{The vivid dreams need to stop.  I have been known to have crazy dreams before but these dreams are too real.  They’re starting to freak me out.}

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