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The third dream…

I had a third dream last night but after much contemplation and discussion with my husband we’ve determined it wasn’t ‘the dream’.  This is a relief!

The dream I did have involved me arriving at church at 10:27 to lead a worship service at 10:30 and finding out that the church I was leading worship at was not in the same location as the one I was used to.  Instead of the church I was used to I entered a gray room with grey folding chairs and only 3-4 people that I knew.  Then when I got up to lead worship the call to worship was incorrect and the people just ever so calmly told me to go with it.  I had a very unsettled feeling in that church and I felt weird leading things.  It did not feel like I belonged there and I was glad to wake up.

{The vivid dreams need to stop.  I have been known to have crazy dreams before but these dreams are too real.  They’re starting to freak me out.}


These crazy dreams have got to stop.

Last night I woke up at 4 am after having another crazy dream.  This time I was sitting at a table with quite a few people discussing Jonah.  As we were going over the text a teenager came up to me at the table and asked me why Jonah was important.  I broke away from the group and started speaking with him.  I went over all the typical things {like how Jonah didn’t want to do it, ran from God, God used him anyways etc…} and we even talked about how Jonah pouted at the end of the text so it just goes to show that even if you don’t want to do it and don’t like doing it, sometimes you wind up working for God anyways.  Then the guy turns to me and says “I don’t get it”.  So I start again…and again…and again.

Thank heavens I woke up.

The last last time I had a series of vivid spiritual dreams I wound up in seminary.  I really hope dream number three doesn’t come or I’ll have to piece together what Hello Kitty and Jonah have to do with whatever else is coming…