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Jeremy Lin {the new Tim Tebow in our home}

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My husband has a love/hate relationship with Jeremy Lin.  He’s the new Tim Tebow in our home.

He loves him because he thinks it’s great that he’s in the NBA.  They both have similar backgrounds and experiences.  Because of Lin my husband believes that he could have played in the NBA if he’d just put his mind to it.

He hates Lin because he has no faith in any player.  As soon as they make any kind of mistake they are written off by my husband.  My husband is a doubting Thomas.

How many of us are doubting Thomas’?  I would hazard a guess many of us are at one time or another.  We’ve all likely hesitated and rejected new ideas or opportunities because we just didn’t believe they could work.  We doubt our employers, friends or Church when they suggested a new way of doing things. We avoid anything that we don’t believe possible.  We hear of new cures and possible health benefits to a way of life and turn away because we think that nothing will ever work.

We all doubt.  We all question.  We all think things are impossible.

Thomas thought things were impossible too.  His doubt was real.  He refused to see  until he could physically touch Jesus.  When Jesus arrived in his presence he experienced it and said “My Lord and My God!” {John 20:28}.

Jesus has told us that those who believe and have not seen are blessed.   Yet we continue to have little faith.  We have little faith in God.  We have little faith in our abilities.  We have little faith in those around us.

Doubt is raging in our world today. We believe that things can never change. We doubt that God could make a difference.  We think we don’t have the skills or talents to make things happen.  We allow this doubt to penetrate our whole being and it prevents us from accomplishing what God wants us to do.

Imagine what a difference you could make in your life if you let doubt go.  What if you were like Jeremy Lin and believed in yourself?  What if you refused to give up, regardless of not being drafted or hired or encouraged?  What if you accepted you have a role and a purpose that is ordained by God and that the things you do matter?

If we simply believed our lives would change forever.  We would experience great things.  We could even accomplish our wildest dreams.  Imagine what would happen if you released yourself from doubt and let God inspire you with a vision. You will never know what you can achieve until you let the doubt go and start believing in the possibilities.

The return of Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow returns…

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I know I said I wouldn’t write about him again but honestly, how could I not. According to the media Tim Tebow won the football game for the Denver Broncos this week.  I’m pretty sure there were other people involved in the effort but I guess I’ll let that go.  I’ve been told that Tim Tebow passed for 316 yards.  I read that some people think it’s a sign from God that he’s destined to win/sent from God/blessed in the Lord.  I highly doubt this.  He might be blessed.  He might be faithful.  He might be a great kid.  But I highly doubt that God cared enough to fix the game.  Just saying.  There are bigger things in this world that need to be attended to.  God’s got a lot on his plate.

The world is a crazy place.   We have real problems.  Things that need to be attended to.  People are starving.  Addicts need help.  Children are at risk.  We are destroying the earth.  Consumption is at an all time high.  As people, we’re more connected than ever and have never experienced such loneliness and isolation.  We need help.

I love football as much as the next person but with all of these things, I doubt God is worried about the outcomes of football games.   I will watch this weekend as Tim Tebow plays Tom Brady.  As the Broncos play the Patriots I will be on the edge of my seat but I won’t blame God if Tebow beats my team.  I know there are bigger things in this world to be concerned with in the long haul.