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Monday, Monday.

Today was not a stellar day in terms of accomplishments for me.  I’m usually a zombie on Mondays due to having been in the pulpit on Sunday but today was particularly challenging.  I did however have some interesting moments.

One interesting moment was pulling up the bulletin outline for the church I’m working at on Sunday and discovering that they have a statement of faith following the sermon from ‘Living Faith’ the PCC’s little green book on faith.   I am not sure if I’ve looked at Living Faith since I was a student at this church so it was fun to dive back in.  The copy I used was given to me when I was confirmed at 12.  I can’t believe it was that long ago and that I’m so old now that 12 seems so young to me.  Where did the time go?

Sensibly following the read through of Living Faith I gave up on work.  My focus was just not there.  Anything I wrote down would likely have to be redone so I headed out to the grocery store to grab some corn tortillas and cucumbers.  On the way home I drove by the lake.  It was beautiful.  The combination of wind and waves is something I thrive on.  It was a perfect scene.

Following dinner my son and I goofed around with my iphone and took photos of one another.   His way of taking pictures was laughing at me when he saw my face through the screen and this was one we caught.  I think it might be my new social media picture.  I read this week that my picture should be clear and recognizable which mine currently is not.

There are worse ways to spend a day I suppose.  Other activities involved crayons and tickles.  We also had lots of laughs.

How did you spend your Monday?

Worrying gets us nowhere.

I feel like I write about this all the time but it seems like all we do as a Church is worry and let’s face it, worrying gets us nowhere.

Think about it.  When in your life has worry actually accomplished anything?  In my life worrying never accomplishes anything.  I can worry all I want but worry doesn’t change the outcome.  All worrying does is cause anxiety and waste energy.
When the Church worries the same thing is true.

The Church right now is living in a state of anxiety and we are wasting energy discussing and debating all of our worries for the future.  Sinking into the worry and allowing it to consume us has not propelled us forward.  It has prevented us from visioning or making plans because we are worried of what might happen and we’re not focused on what is happening.

In my reading this morning I ran across this statement in 1 Chronicles 28:20, where David tells his son Solomon not to worry but instead to “…Be strong and of good courage, and act.  Do not be afraid or dismayed; for the Lord my God is with you…”  What I loved about this was that David reminds Solomon to act.  Not to get caught up in other things but to be strong, of good courage and act.  When we worry we fail to act.  When we worry we think about what might happen but we don’t act in the present.

It’s time to act.  To be the Church.  To stop worrying about the future and start thinking about the present.   It’s a tough time to be the Church.  Decisions need to be made.  Choices are going to be difficult.  Things must change.  All of that is hard to do but worrying about outcomes and wondering what’s going to happen doesn’t make it any less necessary.

I know it’s difficult.  We really don’t know where we are going but we aren’t the first people to have no clue what lay ahead.  The Israelites had to trust that God would lead them.  The Apostles waited in faith for the Holy Spirit to arrive.  Countless others have waited on God and now it’s our turn.  We are in a time of transition but as David reminded his son when he passed the torch “…the Lord my God is with you…”.  We aren’t alone in this.  God is with us.

When we give in to worry we cease relying on God.  We must have faith.  We have to trust that God is leading us somewhere.

Worrying gets us nowhere.

As David reminded Solomon, God is with us and we must act.
God is indeed with us. Are you ready for action?
How are you going to let go of worry?

What I’m doing for Lent.

It’s Lent.  Usually people give stuff up for lent but seeing as I’ve already given up meat, dairy and eggs {along with most rich desserts} I’m not quite sure what’s left to give up.  I could attempt to give up facebook or twitter but that would last two days and why set myself up for failure.

Thinking seriously about Lent I realized that giving stuff up is easier for me then adding it.  Adding stuff to my already busy life is hard and I constantly find excuses to not do things.  This year I’m adding God into my life.  In truth I reflect quite a lot for worship preparation but I can be lazy when it comes to me time.  I’m adding personal theological reflection to my life and it begins right here:

‘Forgiveness’ {also known as Chapter 7 of Mere Christianity} is where this project begins.   I’ve been attempting to finish this book for weeks.  After I finish this book I will begin another.   There is a stack of books that I want to read and I intend to set time aside each day to do so.   The list is quite long and I’m not sure if I’ll finish but I intend to give it my best effort.

I know you might be thinking that this is a lot for 40 days.  It is.  I really don’t expect to finish but I need a goal, something to strive for.  I want to explore faith and reflection from a personal standpoint.  I’ve left it wide open and included so much choice because I want to be able to move where the spirit leads me.  I want to read as I am inspired and contemplate the issues that leap out at me as I go.  As I opened the Bible this morning as a first attempt at personal time this passage was the one I saw first.

Found in the Wisdom of Solomon it struck a chord with me.  Lent is a daily journey to help us prepare to meet the risen Christ.  I hope this period of reflection and prayer will help me see what needs to be corrected in my life and help me find passion and purpose in the things God has planned for me.

Now you know what I’m doing for Lent.  What are you doing?

Random Thought Thursday: December 8th Edition

  1. Life here has been incredibly busy but fun.  We’ve been to parades and dinners.  We’ve sat around the tree, gabbed with friends and just enjoyed the season.  While I wouldn’t mind a day at home I really treasure this time of year when everyone comes together.
  2. My baking has been a bust so far.  It’s been good, don’t get me wrong but I haven’t found that perfect cookie/square to complete the holiday round up.  I hope this week will be better on the baking front.
  3. I think I might be killing my blender with smoothies.  It makes a horrible groaning sound and I’m afraid it will explode any day now.  I’m sure there will be sales after Christmas if it does die so I’m not terribly worried.  It’s given me 5 solid years and I’ve somewhat abused it.
  4. Football is brutal!  I’m so close and yet so far away from the playoffs. It comes down to this weekend, and these match-ups.  It feels wrong to hope others will lose and yet I cannot deny that I long for a spot in the championship.  Wish me luck!
  5. I have no Christmas gifts purchased.  I am working on some of the homemade gifts I have planned.  Never before have I been this far behind!  This weekend I must catch up and get organized.  Wish me luck!

Enjoy this week and Merry Christmas!  I hope you’re enjoying the season.