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I have to admit that when it began I found it a little cute.  He wasn’t saying much but he would try to say my name and it made me happy to see him try to say something.  I would encourage him to call me Momma of course but when he slipped up and called me ‘Becky’ I didn’t worry too much as he was doing it very rarely.

From very rare to every other minute, oh how quickly things change.  For the last week or so my son has almost exclusively been calling me Becky.  In fairness it’s actually ‘Beaky’ but still, it’s my name and he will not call me Momma.

It’s just me.  My husband gets the ridiculously cute ‘Daddy’ and the Grandparents get either Grandmamama or Grandpop.  I get ‘Beaky’.   Apparently when he slept over at my parents last weekend he asked for ‘Beaky’.  This is an interesting conundrum.   On one hand I’m pleased he’s speaking but I really would like to be called Momma {or some other form of Mom}.  I’m trying not to make a big deal out of it as it will just reinforce how fantastic it is to say ‘Beaky’ but he seems to really like calling me ‘Beaky’.

I guess for now I’ll be ‘Beaky’ until I can convince him otherwise.  Do any of you have any suggestions?  I’d really love some new strategies right about now!


I should write…

But I’ve been having too much fun!

Today in the warmth of the day I planted my container garden.  My herbs and tomatoes are home and happy, my sister and her boyfriend made us a lovely dinner and now I’m relaxing a little before bed.

I am in heaven. Not just because of the gardening or the dinner or the relaxing. I am in heaven because I don’t have to prepare anything for a Sunday worship service.


I’ll probably write something tomorrow but for tonight I embrace the freedom that comes from not having to do anything!  It’s brilliant…

Fun stuff on Friday

It’s Friday.  I’ve accomplished almost nothing today but I’m alright with that.
It’s been quite a week here.  This week my biggest post was actually Muskoka Bean Salad, an old recipe from last summer.  I would guess that people are getting ready for BBQs on the weekend!

If you’re looking for some youtube entertainment can I suggest checking out The Maccabeats.  They are a Jewish A Cappella group that I discovered while reading Mayim Bialik’s blog.  They are very good and some of their stuff is really catchy.  I quite enjoy listening to them.  Here’s one of my favorite videos:

I realized this week that I’m a writer.  Now whenever people ask me what I do I say “I’m a mother, I minister, and I write”.  I guess you could say I’m rather busy and I like it that way.
My local coffee place recently informed me that they could make iced soy chai lattes for me this summer so I wouldn’t be deprived of my favorite drink over the summer.  Can I just say ‘dangerous’?  They are so delicious!
Donald Driver is going to be on my fantasy football team.  Why you say? After all he’s a 5th receiver, right?  It’s a simple reason.  He won Dancing with the Stars and I need a mascot.  Also all the cardio he’s done while training for the show makes him a potential threat.  It might be risky but I am a gutsy girl who needs to win this year!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  To my American friends – Happy Memorial Day Weekend.  To the rest of you, have a fantastic normal weekend.  After all, holiday or no holiday a weekend is the best part of the week!!!

I had a weekend.

We had a long weekend.  A lovely weekend.  Thank you Queen Victoria.

My husband and I had a couple of days to ourselves as my Parents took care of our little guy.  This was the first weekend since he was born that we’ve been adults and boy did we take advantage of it.

On Friday we went out for a Mexican feast.  Saturday brought with it a trip to  Whole Foods {amazing} and then a visit to my favorite mall.  We did dinner again.  Watched HGTV in the wee hours of the morning.  I slept a lot.  There was conversation and silence.  A lovely brunch on Sunday.  It was a wonderful weekend.

We missed our little guy of course.   He’s home now and happy with Dad in the kitchen.  He had a wonderful time with his grandparents and is asking us for a dog.  Overall I’d say it was a success and something we must do again.  It was nice to be a grown up for a while.  It was nice to discover a little part of me that I hadn’t seen in a while.

Blissdom Canada here I come…

If you scroll down the page and look on the right hand side you’ll notice a button that screams “It’s mapletastic”.  That’s right, Blissdom Canada is ‘mapletastic’ and I’m going.  I guess as a Canadian I would be mapletastic too but we can get into that another day.   It’s actually a little funny that I’ve signed up for a social media/blogger conference as let’s face it

  1. I’m not that great a social media
  2. I have a blog and love it but it often gets swept to the side when life happens.
  3. I’m actually quite shy in real life and am slightly terrified at the notion of meeting people without ‘the job’ to fall back on.

As a minister I get to listen to people’s stories.  I don’t have to tell many.  I will say that I am a chatty person once I get to know you and I’m sure some people who have met me will think I’m not shy but trust me, I am.  I am a shy introvert. I love quiet time alone, it’s where I find my bliss.   Doesn’t mean I don’t love people, I just happen to love time away from them too.

Nevertheless, I think this will be an excellent experience.  Right now in my life God seems to be calling me into a different type of ministry.  I write, I engage people in the community and I just generally exist in my own little world.  This new way of ministry could benefit from some assistance in the social media field and networking with other bloggers is never a bad thing.   I am excited to learn more about engaging readers and building community.  I want to explore where I’m going with the blog and how I do it better.

So now I wait.  I wait for 155 days to be exact.
It should be interesting…

Random Thought Thursday: May 17 Edition

It’s been a while!  Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to:

First of all reading the Bible in the style of a novel instead of through study guides or daily reading sheets has been fascinating.  Little parts I’ve always glossed over have more meaning.  Running into old friends {like Elijah} has been incredibly interesting as I’ve just recently read all that came before so it’s fresh and vivid and his message is quite powerful.  I’m really glad I began this exercise as it has brought the scriptures to life in a new way for me.

Stemming from all this reading I have to say I’m thrilled to not be a prophet back in the day.  Being a prophet was hard.  Ministry is hard enough but having to call an entire people to account would be a nightmare.  Glad I’m just Becky at this moment in time.

Life at home has been pretty quiet.  X. has tons of new words and is always on the go.  I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen and embracing all the fresh spring produce I can find.  I cashed in my air miles for a new waffle iron so I anticipate a  a great waffle adventure is in my future.

I’ve been quiet over the last week as I’ve been taking some time to mull things over and debate what it is God wants from me.  After receiving some wise counsel last night after Presbytery I think I have a better idea on what I should be doing.  I’m grateful for the advice and prayer of friends.  It’s so helpful!

Well that’s it for me but that’s not all.  I’d love to know what’s going on with you.

How have you been?

{insert title here}

I am terrible at writing blog titles.  I stink at this particular part of the job.
Coincidentally {or not so coincidentally} I am also terrible at sermon titles.  I’m not one for witty catch phrases or smart twists of words.

If I ever write a book it will no doubt have a terrible working title and the real title will be ripped from my brain through a terrifying process of torture and deadline demands.  I think this alone might deter me from starting this process…