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I’ll always remember…

Before my son goes to bed we read a few books to him and help him wind down from the day.  When he was little I would occasionally sing to him but he wasn’t always in need of it and quite often would fall asleep quickly cuddled in my arms. Singing became something we did on nights when it was tough to sleep or during the day when we sang silly numbers that made us both giggle.  Last week while my son was battling a cold I sang to him as he fought to get comfortable at the end of the day.  The song I sang was the song my Dad sang to me, Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral.

I have strong memories of my Dad singing to me.  I can hear his voice clearly in my head and if I close my eyes I can see him playing his guitar around the campfire.  Simple moments are often the most memorable it seems.  I remember time spent together as a family.  I remember feeling like I was part of something special.   I hope that my husband and I can find a way to give X. something similar, something special he can look back on with a smile.

I’m happy to say that as X has gotten better he hasn’t wanted me to stop singing. After we finish reading his stories he climbs into my lap, turns and looks me in the eye waiting for me to start.  It’s a lovely moment and another one I’m sure I’ll always remember.


I have to admit that when it began I found it a little cute.  He wasn’t saying much but he would try to say my name and it made me happy to see him try to say something.  I would encourage him to call me Momma of course but when he slipped up and called me ‘Becky’ I didn’t worry too much as he was doing it very rarely.

From very rare to every other minute, oh how quickly things change.  For the last week or so my son has almost exclusively been calling me Becky.  In fairness it’s actually ‘Beaky’ but still, it’s my name and he will not call me Momma.

It’s just me.  My husband gets the ridiculously cute ‘Daddy’ and the Grandparents get either Grandmamama or Grandpop.  I get ‘Beaky’.   Apparently when he slept over at my parents last weekend he asked for ‘Beaky’.  This is an interesting conundrum.   On one hand I’m pleased he’s speaking but I really would like to be called Momma {or some other form of Mom}.  I’m trying not to make a big deal out of it as it will just reinforce how fantastic it is to say ‘Beaky’ but he seems to really like calling me ‘Beaky’.

I guess for now I’ll be ‘Beaky’ until I can convince him otherwise.  Do any of you have any suggestions?  I’d really love some new strategies right about now!

Random Ramblings…

I’ve been drafted for duty and am now working on Easter Sunday.  This looks to be a rather busy week.  Still not exactly sure what I’m going to say but I would bet it will have something to do with the Resurrection.  Seems fitting.

Dinosaur Train has taken over my life.  I read books about dinosaurs.  I watch an episode daily with my son.  We roar like T-Rexes.  I’m loving it.  I love being the mother of a boy.  This is allowing me to delve into the realm of dinosaurs at my age without anyone {besides you guys of course} knowing my fascination with them.  There are so many more dinosaurs now then when I was young.

Here’s a particularly entertaining song from the series:


There have been some abstract, vague thoughts floating around in my head about beginning a worship gathering separate from the usual Sunday experience.  I’m not ready to commit yet but I’m thinking about it.  It may never happen but the thoughts are in there.

Fringe is new tonight.  Watch it.  Love it.  I do.


What do Words with Friends, blogging, surfing the web, Bejeweled, and Pawn Stars all have in common?  They are perfect tools for procrastinating.  I need to unplug my PVR, disconnect my modem and get to work.  I’m completely undisciplined today.  I’d better get back to work…