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My son has discovered a new word.  No.  {thanks Dad}

Strung together like a long word the repeated practice of no becomes nononononono and it echos through my home.   Would you like a cookie?  No.  Would you like a hug?  No.  Would you like a shower?  NONONONONONONO

He hates showers.

I should be happy.  It’s another word for his repertoire.  He’s now able to say all kinds of things like yellow, look, monkey, bubble, and why.  I would have though why would be the worst word.  It’s not.  No is.

When the answer to everything is no, the person asking the question can be quite frustrated.  On one level it’s entertaining.  On another, I just shake my head.

I wonder if this is how God feels when my instant reaction to difficult things is ‘no’.  Maybe I should give it chance and say ‘perhaps’.