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The dandelions are in bloom and they are beautiful.

I know some of you won’t agree with me but nevertheless, they are beautiful.

A splash of color that enters our midst after a long, brown winter.  A splash of color that works it’s way throughout the land causing chaos for adults and delighting young children who long to pick flowers for their loved ones.

The dandelions are blooming and it is wonderful.  I admit this is a matter of perspective but isn’t everything?  When I look at dandelions I see them as a gift from God to remind us of the power of one.

There is power in one.  We need to remember this.
One dandelion can color a field green.
One person can share a message of love and redemption to their community.
One person can believe that anything is possible and help make it happen.

This can go the other way as well.
A pulled dandelion would remove that color.
One person can bring negativity and doubt to a community.
One person can discourage and destroy a movement.

There is power in one.
There is power in you.
How will you use your power?