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Blissdom Canada here I come…

If you scroll down the page and look on the right hand side you’ll notice a button that screams “It’s mapletastic”.  That’s right, Blissdom Canada is ‘mapletastic’ and I’m going.  I guess as a Canadian I would be mapletastic too but we can get into that another day.   It’s actually a little funny that I’ve signed up for a social media/blogger conference as let’s face it

  1. I’m not that great a social media
  2. I have a blog and love it but it often gets swept to the side when life happens.
  3. I’m actually quite shy in real life and am slightly terrified at the notion of meeting people without ‘the job’ to fall back on.

As a minister I get to listen to people’s stories.  I don’t have to tell many.  I will say that I am a chatty person once I get to know you and I’m sure some people who have met me will think I’m not shy but trust me, I am.  I am a shy introvert. I love quiet time alone, it’s where I find my bliss.   Doesn’t mean I don’t love people, I just happen to love time away from them too.

Nevertheless, I think this will be an excellent experience.  Right now in my life God seems to be calling me into a different type of ministry.  I write, I engage people in the community and I just generally exist in my own little world.  This new way of ministry could benefit from some assistance in the social media field and networking with other bloggers is never a bad thing.   I am excited to learn more about engaging readers and building community.  I want to explore where I’m going with the blog and how I do it better.

So now I wait.  I wait for 155 days to be exact.
It should be interesting…