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Mary, a young girl touched by God’s love. Given the gift of his son. Chosen to love him, nurture him, comfort him and teach him. Chosen to be the mother of Jesus. Chosen to experience joy and sorrow, grace and heartbreak.

There is a lot to come in Mary’s life.  She we experience frustration as her two year old tests her patience.  She will frantically search for him when he disappears at 12 and is found at the temple.  She’ll sigh as his eyes roll at her through his teenage years.  When he becomes a man she will wonder when it will happen, when he’ll let the world know, and she’ll worry.  There’s a lot to come in Mary’s life.

Yet now we sit in Advent and see her as a young girl.  A young girl who doesn’t yet know what it means to mother, what it means to mother Jesus.  A girls whose dreams might have been of family and home, but not in this way.  Her hopes and dreams had not yet been fully crushed by the reality of her poor existence.  She does not yet realize the pressure that comes as the woman of the house, working from dawn until dusk to keep her family fed, clothed and nurtured.

She has no idea what lies ahead and I wonder if this is what it means to “Let the children alone,…{for} God’s kingdom is made up of people like these.” {Matthew 19: 14} .  Jesus says we must be like little children.  Is this why Mary was chosen?

What if she were ten years older?  Would her reaction have been the same or would there be a healthy dose of skepticism.  Would she even see the Angel or hear his message?  Would she have been open to the opportunities ahead?

When Mary is asked she has not yet encountered difficulties or despair.  She is hidden in her family, protected by her parents and she knows little heartbreak or pain.  Given the choice, she moves boldly into an unexpected future, grateful for opportunities and trusting in God’s promise. She seems a bit naive.  She seems so sure.  She seems very much like a child.

We too have a promise. We are promised forgiveness and grace.  We are given the opportunity to choose.  We are blessed with the knowledge that God never gives up on us.

Yet even with these promises, even knowing that God never quits we so often do.  This season we should look to Mary for guidance.  When God leads us, we should go, trusting and sure.   New roads can be new beginnings.  Opportunities are found where we least expect them.  Risk is an absolute must.

Are we willing to follow? Are we willing to be like the little children, so trusting and sure?  Can we trust God enough to let go?  It’s time for us to find out.

A New Nativity.

Did you know that Yellow {Mr. Peanut M&M} and a Weeble were in fact at the birth of Jesus?  I didn’t either!  X. did though.  As I was tidying the living room this week I found these two camped out in front of the our little people nativity scene.  It was quite cute and rather touching.  X. wants everyone to be there, regardless of whether they ‘belong’ in the story or not.

That really is the Christmas story when you think about it. A group of people who don’t really ‘belong’ are invited to witness the birth of Jesus.  God claimed them and invited them to celebrate the birth of his son.  God claims us as well.   As we celebrate the one who brings us light, love and grace let’s remember that we all have a place at the manger, expected or not.

“When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.””
– John 8:12 {NIV}