Are you sure about that?

People are generally nice to you when you’re doing Pulpit Supply.  You come in and they’re polite, they hand you a cheque and then you leave after doing my thing. Because I’ve been doing some places quite regularly people think they know me.

In some ways they’re right, they do know me.  I come in and do the service and quite often stay for coffee.  They say they like my energy and enthusiasm for the future.  They say they are excited when I say there is hope.  They love my little boy as he brings life to the party.  It’s like our family is the poster child for the family they want to attract.

It sounds nice, right?  It is.  I appreciate that they don’t hate me.  The thing is I’m not really sure how they would feel if I were actually their minister.  I have energy and hope for the future but I know how much work is required to make the future happen.  I believe that great things are possible but they require faith, work and dedication.  I believe in listening to God and changing what isn’t working.  If I were actually their minister I would expect things.  I’m not sure they would like it if they had someone expecting things.

Isn’t this always the way?  We love listening to people on TV.  We love when our politicians speak about great change and new ideas.  We delight in gurus telling us our lives can be different.  But when push comes to shove we don’t want to change.  Usually we like things just the way they are.

I don’t like things the way they are.  I’m unsettled and uncomfortable with the road we’re walking.  Right now I have the ability to speak the truth about how I feel without worrying about a job.  It’s freeing.

I like this but I do wonder how people would react if they were stuck with me full time.  Would people continue to like me?  I suspect some would and some wouldn’t and I’m actually ok with that.

4 responses to “Are you sure about that?

  1. I laughed out loud at your last sentence. I sometimes feel that way, too.
    Being friendly is different from being a friend who helps hold other friends accountable. It sounds like you are doing good work, and taking steps forward, even though you are unsure of the destination. Just keep moving forward and shining that light!

    • Thanks Kim! I hope I’m doing good work and that I’m able to help others move forward {even an inch!}. In the end it’s all about Jesus and shining that light, right?

  2. I totally know where you’re coming from. Even though I’m from an older generation, I too have times when I know what I have preached would have created consternation if I was a regular minister. Just keep preaching it, sister. It’s the only way to go. Water does wear down rock.

    • Thanks Ray! There is some freedom when you’re not locked in. I intend to keep going, you must too! Between the two of us maybe we’ll be able to reach a few people. 🙂

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