I should write…

But I’ve been having too much fun!

Today in the warmth of the day I planted my container garden.  My herbs and tomatoes are home and happy, my sister and her boyfriend made us a lovely dinner and now I’m relaxing a little before bed.

I am in heaven. Not just because of the gardening or the dinner or the relaxing. I am in heaven because I don’t have to prepare anything for a Sunday worship service.


I’ll probably write something tomorrow but for tonight I embrace the freedom that comes from not having to do anything!  It’s brilliant…


2 responses to “I should write…

  1. I, too, have a container garden filled with tomatoes, herbs, squash, etc. that gives me pleasure every morning when I go out to look at it. And oh, the joy of moments without anything to do!

  2. Aren’t container gardens wonderful Chrystal! I’m really enjoying watching it grow and change as the days pass. 🙂

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