An Easter Reflection: They had a choice

The sun is beginning it’s stretch into the sky.  Two women gather at the door while waiting for one inside.  They are ready to go.  Eager to begin the most dreaded task.  Eager to finish so they can try to move on.  She leaves her home, gently shutting the door behind her so as not to disturb those who may still be asleep.  It’s time.  They begin their journey.

They walk arms tucked in close to their bodies.  Baskets hanging from their arms bounce against their hips as they try to stay warm, try to stay unnoticed.  They walk together towards a tomb. Stories pass among them of better days.  Laughter slips out uncomfortably and they look to each other for acceptance and peace.  Their grief echoes with each step.  This is a terrible journey.

Their conversation shifts and one woman raises the question they were all thinking.  “Who will roll the stone away?”  The stone that is far too heavy for them.  Who will move it? They keep going, determined to succeed.  Regardless of the obstacle that lies ahead they know what they have to do.  They must give their teacher a small portion of what he gave them.  They must show him love in this final task.

As they arrive at the tomb their worries shift.  The stone is no longer an issue.  They are now faced with something much worse.  Their friend’s grave has been tampered with.   The three of them look at one another.  Lines on their forehead begin to collect sweat as they panic.  What will they do?  What if the thieves are still in there?

Bravely, together they burst forth into the tomb.  Almost as if to surprise who is there.  They don’t surprise him, he surprises them.  He sits as if waiting for them.  Dressed all in white, calm and collected.  The women alarmed hold each other for support.

He is waiting for them.  They wonder why?  What’s going to happen now? Where is his body?  What has this man done?

He tells them not to worry.  He tells them of a miracle that’s happened.  That Jesus is up, he’s alive.  He tells them to go tell the others.   He expects them to do it right away.  Backing out of the tomb.  The women turn and flee.  Uncertain of what to do.  They tell no one. Their instructions were to share.  We’re told they said nothing.

They said nothing…yet.

We know the end of the story.  We know they shared with others.
We’re gathered all over the world today celebrating this moment because they told shared the message and it has now been shared with us.

They had a choice.
They could choose belief or disbelief.
They could choose to keep this good news or to share it.

Today because of their choice we gather and celebrate.
Today because of their choice we know Jesus and his love.
Today because of their choice the world is changed.  Hope is reborn.  Life is new.

He is risen.
He is risen indeed!


This is based on the Easter Story found in the Gospel of Mark.  If you’d like to read more click here.

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