How Auto-tune ruined the world…

Ok, that might be a stretch.  Auto-tune hasn’t really ruined the world but it’s ruined music in a lot of ways.  There was a time when the unique qualities of a singer would be showcased on their recordings.  Now everyone sounds the same and anyone {talented or not} can claim to be a singer as we can technologically enhance their vocal performance.  When you remove the rough patches and unique vocal qualities you’re left with something that sounds generic and boring.  It’s nothing anyone has never heard before.  It’s nothing special at all.

This morning after gymnastics I took my son to the Bulk Barn and we had fun picking up a few supplies to help us make some dessert for Easter.  I was slightly horrified as I turned the corner and found a cake pan shaped like a cross with instructions on how to beautify it with flowers.  I don’t know about you but I really don’t want to eat a dessert shaped like a torture device.  It just doesn’t seem right to me.  Instead of accepting the cross for what it is, we’ve prettied it up and thrown some bunnies and eggs around it.  It’s like we’ve auto-tuned Jesus.

Have we auto-tuned Jesus?  In many ways I’m afraid we have.  We come in on Sunday hoping the minister will say something that inspires us. We have self-help books that are tailored towards what we want to hear.  We avoid the hard texts because they can’t be meant for us.  We’ve personalized things so it’s exactly what we need and want.  We’ve auto-tuned the whole process.

When we create a faith that is comfortable and exactly what we like, it’s not the faith that we started with.  When we leave out parts of the message that are difficult or challenging we’ve changed the picture and ultimately the message.  As Christians we need to deal with the heavy stuff too.  We need to deal with the picture as a whole.

As a church I wonder if we would be more effective if we dealt with the difficult things.  What would happen if we addressed the need for evangelism and the mainline church? What would happen if we addressed stewardship and the overabundance of churches for the population we sustain?  What would happen if we discussed the importance of living in the world not separate from it?

If we started having these difficult conversations I can guarantee you one thing, we would begin to see passion once more.  Passion that has been sorely missing in our churches and our faith.  For too long now we’ve accepted the status quo as being okay.  We’ve auto-tuned our faith to the point that we no longer experience the rich depth that is contained in it’s history.   It’s time for us to embrace the whole story once more.


2 responses to “How Auto-tune ruined the world…

  1. Very creative. I like it!

  2. Miami traditional denominations evaporated.Store fronts, independents, pentacostal, immigrant ethnic – these meaningful conversations beyond them all.

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