An open letter to Courtney Stodden

Dear Courtney,

We don’t know each other but I feel connected to you somehow.  It may have something to do with the countless hits I get daily from people searching for news on you, your clothing and {lately} some rather interesting body parts.  How surprised they must be when they happen upon a website run by a minister/mother who said you would be welcome in their church.  I’m sure my site is not what they were looking for.

We have a few things in common.  We’re both vegetarian and devout Christians. My twitter feed tends to be a little tamer than yours but I do update regularly so that’s another thing we both enjoy.  I’m into fashion as well.  But where you like feather boas and giant stilettos, I tend to lean towards accent scarves and cute ballerina flats.

I guess from there the similarities end. At 17 I was often found tucked in my bedroom reading magazines, dreaming of my future and trying to find a way to finish the homework I’d left to the last minute.  I wasn’t married and famous.  I didn’t even have a boyfriends.  I didn’t have to put on a show every time I went with my friends and believe me that’s a good thing.  I enjoyed my friends and loved goofing off.

I wonder what it must be like for you, to be 17 and hyper-sexualized.  To think that the only thing that matters to other people is how you look and how you dress.  I wonder if you’re able to have a normal teenage day.  Do you have friends and goof around?  Do you go to football games and pep rallies?  Do you ever get to take off the mask and just be you?

I’d love to get to know you.  To find out what really matters to you. Most of all, I’d love to give you a hug and tell you it’s okay to be 17.  You’ve got all the time in the world to be an adult but only moments left of that precious time called adolescence.

Take care of yourself,



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