Random Ramblings…

I’ve been drafted for duty and am now working on Easter Sunday.  This looks to be a rather busy week.  Still not exactly sure what I’m going to say but I would bet it will have something to do with the Resurrection.  Seems fitting.

Dinosaur Train has taken over my life.  I read books about dinosaurs.  I watch an episode daily with my son.  We roar like T-Rexes.  I’m loving it.  I love being the mother of a boy.  This is allowing me to delve into the realm of dinosaurs at my age without anyone {besides you guys of course} knowing my fascination with them.  There are so many more dinosaurs now then when I was young.

Here’s a particularly entertaining song from the series:


There have been some abstract, vague thoughts floating around in my head about beginning a worship gathering separate from the usual Sunday experience.  I’m not ready to commit yet but I’m thinking about it.  It may never happen but the thoughts are in there.

Fringe is new tonight.  Watch it.  Love it.  I do.


What do Words with Friends, blogging, surfing the web, Bejeweled, and Pawn Stars all have in common?  They are perfect tools for procrastinating.  I need to unplug my PVR, disconnect my modem and get to work.  I’m completely undisciplined today.  I’d better get back to work…



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