Random Thought Thursday: March 22nd Edition

As I am sure you are aware I am loving this weather!  I’ve gone for walks everyday down by the lake and have been treated to this gorgeous sight:

How ridiculous is this for March?  So amazing and exactly what I needed.  I love the sunshine!


I’m still reading and reflecting on Jesus but I won’t bore you with the details this week.  Let’s just say that I’m thinking a lot.  I’m feeling inspired and slightly unsure.  I am quite certain that God is working in my life and I am rather glad I chose to engage in Lent this way.

You must eat this today….

I had some mushrooms that I needed to use and was wanting a quick supper and this was the result.  A garlic mushroom mozarella sandwich.  MMMMM.

Throw 16 oz of sliced mushrooms into a larger stainless steal pot with some white wine and a little water and cook down.  When the mushrooms are almost cooked at a pinch of salt, 1 tsp of thyme and 1/2 tsp rubbed sage.  Stir well.  Cook the mushrooms down until there are brown bits on the bottom of the pan (but don’t burn).  Add a little extra water and cook down again.  Once cooked remove from heat.

Have 12 slices of bread ready.  I used a garlic loaf (as in garlic baked right into the bread) and it was delicious.  If you can’t find a loaf like this rub some roasted garlic on the inside (where the cheese will go) and you should get a similar flavor.

Butter (or earth balance butter in my case) one side of each piece.  Flip over and load up six of the slices with mozzarella (I used Daiya mozzarella for a dairy free sandwich).  Throw some mushrooms on top.  Sprinkle the mushrooms with a little more cheese to help it stick together.  Place the opposite piece on top.

Grill these bad boys until brown.   You’re going to have some white wine left over so pour yourself a glass and enjoy it with your sandwich.


My son is obsessed with trains.  This means we spend a lot of time with Thomas and Dinosaur Train.  I stupidly bought the soundtrack to Thomas because I knew he’d like it and now I have to listen to the song Roll Call over and over again.  It gets stuck in my head and I cannot get it out.  If you’re wondering what I am talking about here’s a video from the series:


Fringe is new this week!  HOORAY!  I’ve been waiting for a new episode.  I’ll be in my basement tomorrow night at 9 pm watching if anyone needs to find me.


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