It’s that time of day when light fades into the dark.  It’s quiet here.  My son is in bed and asleep after a busy day.  My husband is out in the garage working.  I’m sitting at my kitchen table, lazily playing Words With Friends and checking my emails.

There is a peace here.  A sense of the still.  A time for words and thoughts.  A time to just be.

In this being I find myself thinking of life.  How different things are.  How much things have changed.  In the last few weeks I’ve found my work schedule has slowed down.  I have far less scheduled preaching ahead.  There is more time in my day as I’m not working as much and I wonder what I will do with that time.  Will I use it productively?  Will something else come about over the coming weeks and months?

I find myself dreaming of a future.  Will we have another child?  What will it all look like?  Dusk is a good time.  A quiet time for thoughts and words.  A quiet time to muse and reflect.

This future is hazy right now.  I hear whispers of change.  I feel nudges towards something new.  There are questions of family worship and casual gatherings to be answered.  New recipes and ideas haunt my brain as I’ve rediscovered the farmers market once more.  I have honey, local sweet honey sitting and waiting for me to use it.

For now I will sit.  I will think and plan.  I will write and uncover.  I will continue for it is dusk, the time when light fades into dark and everything becomes a lovely shade of gray.


2 responses to “Dusk…

  1. There has to be some symbolism in that for a short while you can’t tell the difference between dawn and dusk.

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