Random Thought Thursday: March 15th Edition

Thought 1:

I have to admit that my Lent project has taken over my life.

So far I’ve read:
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
Crazy Love by Francis Chan
Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell
Malachi {along with other Bible readings that I forgot to keep track of}
Sex God by Rob Bell
Jesus wants to save Christians by Rob Bell and Don Golden

and I’m in the middle of
They Like Jesus but not the Church by Dan Kimball
Erasing Hell by Francis Chan
Crave by Chris Tomlinson

I also watched the web conference today at preachbettersermons.com and it was brilliant.  I came out of it with 8 pages of notes, tons of good ideas and a good sense for where I’d like to be {preaching wise} within the next year.

Because of all this activity you could say it’s rather intense here.  I’ve got thoughts flowing constantly and am talking my husband’s ear off with all of my ideas.  I am truly enjoying it though and haven’t felt this ‘on track’ spiritually since before my son was born.  It’s been a kind of reawakening of sorts.  This part of me which lay dormant has been reborn and I’m sure it’s scaring a few people!

Thought 2:

I have completely neglected the cooking/random family side of the blog.  Does anyone miss it?  I blame thought 1.

Thought 3: 

The lake is beautiful and it feels more like May than March.  I love this weather!  I absolutely adore it.  I hope that spring is here to stay.

Thought 4:

I have an obsession with Fringe.  It has to end.  I am watching the whole series over again and seeing all of the foreshadowing that took place before I realized fully what was happening.  It’s been interesting to watch again but I do need some new television.  Does anyone have any recommendations for good shows I can get into?

Thought 5:

I created a bracket for March Madness this year as the golf course we golf at has a fun league.  I stink already.  I’ve had 3 teams go out in the first round and my friends are killing me.  Basketball is not my sport at all but I had hoped for a better showing than this!




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