What Church should be…

I think about worship a lot.  I think about style.  I think about substance.  I think about flow and movement.  I think about experience and texture.  These things are part of the worship experience.  They are part of what people take with them when they leave.

In the last couple of months I’ve lead worship at 4 different churches.  Each has it’s own unique style and form.  Moving in and out of these styles has given me the opportunity to think a lot about worship and what I would like to see in a Church.  I’ve talked with family and friends.  I’ve thought about what church should be like. This has been an interesting exercise for me.

After much thought I can confirm that there are few things I know for certain but I know what I would like and I think Church should be:

People are engaged with the word and one another.  Prayers have substance.  Songs have meaning.  The service would be spirit-filled.  The people would be spirit-fueled.   

The people would come as they are. Whether certain or uncertain, confused or sure, prepared or unprepared, none of it matters as all are welcome.  The only expectation is that grace is given and love flows freely.     

Engaging with the word and the world is the goal.  Leaving filled with desire and determination to make a difference.  The church should live out a mission that matters in our time and place.

I wonder how this is possible.
And I wonder if it could happen @ 5 on Saturdays…

6 responses to “What Church should be…

  1. Couple of books worth reading “Empty Houses” by Michael K Jones a pastoral approach to congregational closures
    “In Dying We are Born” the challenge and the hope for congregations by Peter Bush (Presbyterian Teaching Elder in Mitchell Ontario)

  2. I really like your ideas. Your expression comes with much thought and reflection. Good post!

  3. If you could make it happen at 5pm on a Saturday, Dear Friend, I would SO be there. 🙂

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