Random Thought Thursday: March 1 Edition

  1. I’m bored of Pinterest already.  Two weeks in and I really don’t care.  Everyone said I would love it and I should give it a chance.  I do think people’s boards are pretty and I’ve found some nice ideas but overall just not something I spend time on.  I feel like I’m missing something as so many people love it but I am lukewarm.
  2. I adore Fringe.  I was annoyed at the beginning of the season but now that they are going back to their roots I find I love it once more.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it!  It’s intelligent and you don’t find a lot of intelligence on television anymore.
  3. I’m really enjoying the reading I’ve been doing for Lent.  A lot of my books deal with change and the church in the future so I find that’s where I’m drifting right now.  I would love some suggestions for other spiritual reading if you have any.
  4. I used to love the Oscars.  I would watch for the fashions and root for certain people.  This year as I sat down to watch I was shocked when I realized that I haven’t seen one movie that was nominated.  This was a tragedy and really makes me realize how much my husband and I need to prioritize date night!
  5. I killed my orchid that I received for Christmas from Gran.  It was beautiful until it wasn’t.  Apparently I gave it a fungus by overwatering. Sadly by the time I realized what was happening to it, it had perished. Luckily I still have the orchid my husband got me from Valentine’s day.

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