Random Thought Thursday: February 23rd Edition

  1. I have forced myself to get active once more. My treadmill has been giving me the evil eye every time I go downstairs to watch t.v. and I have these dreams that I will become a runner.  I stink at running but a girl can dream and any kind of exercise is good for me.
  2. I may have purchased some new TOMS for spring.  They are so cute and it gives someone else a pair of shoes.   I’m quite excited for warm, non-rainy weather to wear them!
  3. This week at the Olive Garden my favorite sweater was destroyed when our lovely {and I mean that sincerely} waitress accidentally poured wine all over it.  I wasn’t angry but am so sad about it.  I know I shouldn’t be attached to things but it was just so comfy.
  4. There are buds on the tree next door, the sap is running in the trees and there are spring decorations in my home.  I might be pushing it but I’m looking forward to warmer weather and a little sunshine.  I love spring!
  5. Now that we’ve caught up on Storage Wars and are anxiously awaiting new episodes we’ve been forced to turn to Pawn Stars in replacement.  I find myself sucked in by the history behind artifacts and love seeing unique pieces.  We’ve really been enjoying it lately.

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