What I’m doing for Lent.

It’s Lent.  Usually people give stuff up for lent but seeing as I’ve already given up meat, dairy and eggs {along with most rich desserts} I’m not quite sure what’s left to give up.  I could attempt to give up facebook or twitter but that would last two days and why set myself up for failure.

Thinking seriously about Lent I realized that giving stuff up is easier for me then adding it.  Adding stuff to my already busy life is hard and I constantly find excuses to not do things.  This year I’m adding God into my life.  In truth I reflect quite a lot for worship preparation but I can be lazy when it comes to me time.  I’m adding personal theological reflection to my life and it begins right here:

‘Forgiveness’ {also known as Chapter 7 of Mere Christianity} is where this project begins.   I’ve been attempting to finish this book for weeks.  After I finish this book I will begin another.   There is a stack of books that I want to read and I intend to set time aside each day to do so.   The list is quite long and I’m not sure if I’ll finish but I intend to give it my best effort.

I know you might be thinking that this is a lot for 40 days.  It is.  I really don’t expect to finish but I need a goal, something to strive for.  I want to explore faith and reflection from a personal standpoint.  I’ve left it wide open and included so much choice because I want to be able to move where the spirit leads me.  I want to read as I am inspired and contemplate the issues that leap out at me as I go.  As I opened the Bible this morning as a first attempt at personal time this passage was the one I saw first.

Found in the Wisdom of Solomon it struck a chord with me.  Lent is a daily journey to help us prepare to meet the risen Christ.  I hope this period of reflection and prayer will help me see what needs to be corrected in my life and help me find passion and purpose in the things God has planned for me.

Now you know what I’m doing for Lent.  What are you doing?


4 responses to “What I’m doing for Lent.

  1. You last paragraph says it all. Mar 3, 2012 I have 10 years clean and sober. We cannot connect with God retaining certain ways and indulgences.

  2. What is the translation you found this verse in? And, you said ‘found in the Wisdom of Solomon’. I assumed that meant Proverbs. But when I went to my Bible I couldn’t find a verse that looks like this. I’m curious what it is, because it’s beautiful & I’d love to read further.

    • Hi Karen,

      The Wisdom of Solomon is part of the deuterocanonical books of the bible. They are considered cannonical by Roman Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox church but for the most part are not technically part of the protestant cannon. I have a version of the Bible from my seminary days and sometimes read from it for inspiration. I find it to be quite beautiful. If you look for a bible that has the apocrophal/deuterocanonical books you’ll be able to find this!

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