Into the streets…

This week I heard a story {in this video actually} about Priests going out into the streets to offer ashes to people on Ash Wednesday instead of expecting them to come in the door.  The priests had marvelous connections with people who otherwise would never engage in worship as they had bad memories and connections with typical Churches.  These priests were able to meet people in their environment, at their comfort level and offer them a connection with community and God that they might have been missing.

As I study the life of Jesus I see this happen in his ministry as well.  So much of what is remembered from his teaching happened outside the doors of the synagogue or the temple.  He went into peoples homes, met them on the street and entered their lives as he shared the message with them.  He was able to connect with them in a way that meant something to them.

I wonder if this is why we are held back as a community of faith today.  We desire to own ministers and places.  We need to have people belong and conform.  We remember worship that is precise and orderly.  Our need to perform this ritual as we have always known it might be preventing us from sharing the message.

Perhaps if we took the ritual into the streets we might find out what is needed in our communities and meet the people we are seeking.  We might find new ways to share the message and live it in our time.  It might be time for us to head into the streets and see where God takes us.

3 responses to “Into the streets…

  1. Becky – I sincerely hope this messge is read by all the church ‘heads’ of state who are into protectionism instead of finding new ways to spread the gospel. Thanks for speaking from the heart.

  2. Becky…This is so appropriate as to timing..and is exactly what we need to be doing. If we spent all our energy on people instead of buildings….OH MY what a difference we could make.

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