Random Thought Thursday: February 16th Edition

  1. I received a lovely orchid from my husband for Valentine’s Day.  This now means I have two living plants in my home.  This is a momentous occasion.
  2. The CBC Radio App has changed my life.  No longer do I have to drag my little beat up cd/radio player with a broken antenna all over the house trying to find a signal.  Now I can carry my iPad with me and it’s crystal clear radio coverage all day.  I feel like an adult again as I’m able to listen to current events and my favorite show ‘Q’.
  3. My husband is in love with Jeremy Lin.  “Linsanity” has taken over our lives.  It’s kind of like Tim Tebow all over again.  I’ll write more on this later…
  4. Thomas the Tank Engine has taken over my life.  There are stuffed trains, metal trains, wooden trains, colouring books, stickers and more moving in slowly and infiltrating everything.  My son loves him.
  5. I may have given in and joined Pinterest this week.  I’m not obsessed with it but I do look at the boards a little each day and seek inspiration.  I don’t think it will become an addiction and I’m glad about that but I am enjoying it.

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