Things I love {Valentine’s Edition}

Happy Valentine’s Day!  In honor of the occasion I have compiled a list of things I love.

  1. Cinnamon hearts.  I know they aren’t great for you with food colouring and tons of sugar but I delight in them each year!
  2. Searching for red foods.  We’re having Strawberry-Kiwi smoothies for breakfast.  There will be spaghetti and tomato sauce for dinner.  I love finding ways to incorporate the holiday into the days {cause I’m super nerdy like that}.
  3. Tiny valentines made by tiny hands.  My son has been colouring and adding stickers to his projects daily.  The results have been wonderful and we’ve had such fun.
  4. Getting out my gorilla with a heart. The first valentines day of my married life my husband bought me this gorilla.  When he makes his appearance in our home after a year tucked away it always makes me smile.
  5. Last but definitely not least are my boys. They bring me joy and love each day.  I’m so grateful for them and they make the day worth celebrating.

One response to “Things I love {Valentine’s Edition}

  1. Hand made card from each granddaughter.

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