Random Thought Thursday: February 9th Edition

  1. I have big plans for this weekend that include applesauce and peanut butter cookies.  Usually this means we relax do almost nothing but a girl can dream!
  2. X. has two teeth left to come in.  Once they arrive I’m throwing a party.  It’s been difficult for X. in the last little while and I look forward to happier days for him.  I hope it happens soon!
  3. I wonder if Gisele’s comments about the Patriots receivers will be the Yoko Ono moment of Tom Brady’s career.  Is it all downhill from here?  Time will tell.  I’m so glad I don’t have people following me around with cameras to catch all the stupid things I say.  Celebrity isn’t a good thing all the time.
  4. I haven’t gotten into Pinterest.  Everyone else seems to love it and spend loads of time pinning things.  I’m not really sure if it’s a good idea. Do I need another way to waste time on the internet?  Is it really as good as everyone says?
  5. It’s getting close to Lent.  I’ve got my pancakes lined up and am ready for the pancake party but am trying to figure out what to do for Lent itself. Should I have a blog meditation series? Should we do the Daniel fast then? Should I pick a book and read it?  I want to do something to prepare for Easter and am just tossing around a few ideas.  If you have any suggestions let me know.  I’d love to hear what you’re doing or would like to do {alone or as a community}

5 responses to “Random Thought Thursday: February 9th Edition

  1. Thank you for saying that about Pinterest!! I was feeling like the lone wolf, not wanting to get into it. I have an account–with about 2 pins! : )

    Yeah, not impressed with Gisele, at all.

    I mentioned you in my Thankful Thursday post–has something to do with a certain PBS show. : )

  2. Maybe you could Lent me $50 ?

  3. If you’re still looking for a Lent idea, there’s a Matthew read-along going on with the Messy Table over on the Presbyterian Record site.
    You can find it here: http://www.presbyterianrecord.ca/2012/01/30/lent-reading-matthew/
    Should prove to be an interesting discussion, and we’d love to add your voice to the mix.

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