Do you ever wonder…

Do you ever wonder if we waste time talking instead of doing?

Sometimes I wonder if all the deliberations and debate that take place in our Churches, Presbyteries/governing bodies and regular gatherings hinder the work of the spirit instead of enable it.  We tend to talk and wait and sit on things.  We think if we deliberate and hesitate that things will become clear and it seems at times they never do.  Perhaps if we moved when the spirit moved us more would get done.

When you look at Jesus he engaged in discussion and debate but it didn’t hinder his ministry.  He continued to push boundaries and move in new directions as he discussed faith and life with those around him.

When you look at Paul you see a man who offended a lot of people but really made a lasting impact in the world.  He spread the message.

I’m not saying we should never talk.  I’m also not suggesting we abolish our structures and rules.  But I do wonder if we let our need for control and order prevent us from hearing God’s desires and acting upon them.


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