I sat down at my computer this afternoon for a little break and some twitter time. I always enjoy a good scroll through my feed catching some great links and funny quips.  While I was reading I came across this tweet by Rick Warren that really got me thinking.

After reading this I really thought about it.  What do I talk most about?  I asked my husband and he said God.  I asked my Mom and she said my son.  As a result of that tiny survey it would seem that in five years I’ll probably still be a mom/minister.  I don’t think this is a bad thing.  I love my family.  I love my work. It’s good that I talk about things that matter to me.

When you think about it the things you talk about are the things that are the most pressing and important things in your life.  What’s in your head and what you say directly impact your life.   When you talk negatively it helps guide you.  When you are positive and driven you chart your own course.

I can see this so strongly in my life.

When I think positively about making healthy choices I succeed.
When I think it’s impossible I fail.

When I think about ways to make more time for play with my son I do.
When I worry about all I have to do on top of play I fail.

When I look at congregations who believe a future is possible they find that future they dream of.
When I look at congregations who believe there is no hope I see their future fade.

Our attitudes matter.  What we say and how we feel about things really helps to chart the course of our life.  This week is the week of possibilities in my life.  I will endeavor to think positively and believe in the things that could happen.  I will work at creating a vision I want for my life and try to remember that what I think about most now will in five years be where I am.

Where are you going to be?  Is it what you want or will you need to adjust course? Join me this week; let’s think about possibilities.

One response to “Possibilities.

  1. This is a very interesting post Becky! I like how you interpreted his tweet and incorporated it into your life and therefore have opened up to all sorts of possibilities!!!

    As well it is definitely interesting to think of how much negative thinking impacts how we approach our day to day lives!

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