Life, love, faith and football

AIt all comes down to today, doesn’t it?  Superbowl Sunday is the giant celebration of “life, love, faith and football”.  My family is coming over.  Sunday  is a day of worship.  There is faith in God, Jesus and of course I have to have faith in my team.  Love in the air for the cupcakes in the oven that leave the house smelling warm and welcoming.  There’s life happening right now, in this moment, where we are.

My jersey is ready.  The table is set.  The snacks are waiting and the pizza’s about to be ordered {for pick up later – don’t get worried}.  I’m getting the last minute things prepared for everyone’s arrival.  I’m anxious and excited for the main event.   It’s going to be a fun night.

Some things have unsettled me this week as we enter the countdown for the big game.  For example:

  • Gisele’s letter to friends and family asking for thoughts and prayers and good energy for Tom is like a bad omen to me.  Never pray to win the game!  Just don’t do it!
  • Tom Brady saying he’s “prepared and confident” {according to Patriots Game Day}.
  • The fact that no one wants to pick a winner as they seem too evenly matched.
  • The infamous helmet catch of 2008 still looms heavy in my memory.
  • And the worst of all is the thought of the incessant bragging my Dad will embark on if Eli Manning leads the Giants to another victory.  I don’t know if I can handle that again!

Tonight we will know the outcome of the game and a season of football will end.  Next Sunday when we come home from Church our day will feel empty and clear.  We will have to find another reason to gather together.  But now is not the time to think of next week or endings, now is the time to celebrate.  To gather and embrace one another as rivals and friends.  To know that it’s more than a game, it’s a chance for community.


4 responses to “Life, love, faith and football

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this!

  2. Go Dolphins. Oh yeah, I forgot…..

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