My son speaks….

My son turned 2 in October.  He’s never been extremely vocal and while he watches everything, we’ve been waiting for him to talk to us.  His pediatrician said it would come in time, that she thought he was taking everything in and she was right.  The countless stories I’ve heard about late talkers, all true.  In the last week he’s really discovered his voice and it’s been a tidal wave of practice, frustration and discovery.  Here are a few things he’s said to me recently:

  • “Look at that!” {just once but absolutely precious}
  • Okidokie {add Momma or Dadda depending on who’s talking}
  • Car
  • Momma
  • Dada
  • Cookie
  • Ya
  • Whoa
  • Hug
  • ….

This breakthrough with words has been wonderful.  Most people still don’t understand him but he’s having conversations with us, attempting sentences and really liking the outcome {mom & dad finally understand him}.  It’s been great to watch him grow.

These moments of celebration are important in the life of our family.  Each word, each attempt at communication brings him into a deeper engagement with us and those around him.  He’s so excited to be part of things and he wants to contribute to our family life in new ways.  It’s wonderful to hear his voice and watch him learn how to express himself in new ways.


8 responses to “My son speaks….

  1. absolutely wonderful……..I miss those days of new talking and trying to figure out what they say! Enjoy!

    • It is wonderful! I love this age. Watching him grow and discover new things daily keeps my life interesting and brings so much joy to the house. We’re very blessed to have him around.

  2. Believe me before you know it you will hear “Hey, Ma lend me a quick hunnert bucks.” Mine are 30ish and I still hear it. I don’t resent it. My father lent me a quick $200 last week.

  3. Julia Apps Douglas

    My daughter Robyn did not speak really until she was three (you would never know it now).Her form of communication was through music, she sang she hummed….it was through this we learned when she was sad or happy or not feeling well. It did concern us as we were thinking Pre K in a year, but you know what…she began talking when she was ready. Robyn was ready for Pre K .

    • X. has his own form of communication as well! His is very physical and while it’s adorable I was like you and starting to wonder about Pre-K. It’s coming so fast! I think he just wanted to do things in his own time, like Robyn.

  4. How fun! My youngest took a really long time to begin speaking. We started with a speech therapist when she was about 2 1/2 and that really made a difference.

    • It has been fun! X. has already been to a speech therapist as they are quite cautious with him due to his rough beginning. She was great but we’ve taken a break as she thinks until he’s a little older that it won’t be really effective. I am so pleased that he’s getting the hang of speaking now though, when he goes back to see her in March she will be quite surprised! 🙂

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