Random Thought Thursday: January 26th Edition

  1. Cleaned out the pantry this week.  It feels pretty good to open the door and see everything organized and in it’s place.  We’ll be eating a lot of pasta over the coming weeks as I found a ton of it randomly placed throughout the shelves.  Note to self: Always place pasta in the pasta section.  This will prevent overstock in the future.
  2. We have no snow.  I live in a part of Canada that always has snow in the winter.  The lake isn’t frozen.  My grass is still a little green.  There is something seriously wrong with this picture.
  3. I went to the bookstore this week to try and find something inspiring {aka: relevant for personal spiritual development} and realized that I still haven’t finished Mere Christianity so I went home.  I endeavor to finish this book over the next few weeks.  I do this all the time.  I have a lot of half read books lying around here.
  4. I’ve intended to write more this week about Jesus, food and random life events but I think this weather is getting to me.  By the time my son goes to bed, I’m almost ready myself.  Here’s hoping this week will be more fruitful when it comes to writing.
  5. I am still absolutely in love with Storage Wars.  It’s probably another reason I am not writing as often as I should.  Whenever I watch it I get swept away in the excitement.  I dream of going to storage auctions and finding that great hidden gem.  I have a history with auctions.  I got engaged at one {but that is a story for another time}.

2 responses to “Random Thought Thursday: January 26th Edition

  1. We have a lot in common – I always overstock on pasta, and I have tons of half finished books lying around!

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