The Bachelor is coming…

Apparently as Canadians we’ve all been waiting for the arrival of our own version of the Bachelor.  The show where 27 women gather together and fight for the attention of one man.   It sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

Who doesn’t want to meet their life partner with questions like:

  • What’s your weight?
  • Occupation?
  • Are you a permanent resident &/or citizen?
  • What is your most important possession and why?

While I think the last question could be interesting, I don’t think I would appreciate being asked the other questions on a first date.  Imagine sitting at a table in a nice restaurant with someone you barely know.  Your hands are nervously playing with the napkin on your lap as you try to find something interesting to talk about.  He beats you to the question and it is “How much do you weigh?”.

Building a relationship is more than just answering a questionnaire and filming a video to attract the attention of some producers.  It’s about friendship, love and commitment even in dark times.   There should be some sort of connection that goes beyond ‘winning’.  There should be some mystery that gets revealed as time goes on, not in a formal application process.  It’s missing romance.  It’s missing those special moments that to me make the whole think worth while.

Having seen the application I can’t say I’m surprised about the woman who are cast on the show in the end.  It’s no surprise that many of them use this as a springboard for their careers.  It’s all about ratings, not about relationship.   Whatever happens, it’s going to be an interesting season and I’ll probably watch at least the first episode {if only to find out if Chris Harrison will host}.


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