Ten things I love…

  1. I love a good book and getting lost in it on a Saturday afternoon.
  2. I love spicy peanut noodles and getting close to perfecting my recipe.
  3. I love crochet projects that help me advance my skills.
  4. I love searching for new worship resources that help keep things fresh.
  5. I love a good phone conversation with a friend after a rough day.
  6. I love Storage Wars.  I cannot get enough.
  7. I love little boy giggles, an obsession with trains and his delight in snow.
  8. I love family time & football.
  9. I love conversations with my husband right before we go to sleep.
  10. I love thinking, reflecting and dreaming in quiet moments.

What do you love?


2 responses to “Ten things I love…

  1. Ilove spicy peanut noodles and look forward to seeing your perfected recipe.

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