Random Thought Thursday: January 12th Edition

  1. I’m obsessed with Storage Wars on A&E.  I cannot stop watching.  At least I can work on my crochet projects while it’s on.
  2. Tim Tebow plays Tom Brady on Saturday.  My husband and I are rooting for opposite teams.  It could get interesting.
  3. We’ve had a busy week here which might explain the silence on the blog.  Between appointments and getting back into activities the time has flown.  I’m looking forward to the weekend and a little relaxation.
  4. My son is in love with Hummus right now.  You may see some recipes pop up on the blog as I experiment with new ways to enjoy chickpeas in dip form.
  5. We survived Gymnastics yesterday with a substitute teacher.  Having a group of 18 month- 3 year olds attempt to do a structured program is difficult on a regular day but with a new teacher was next to impossible.  It was interesting to say the least.

4 responses to “Random Thought Thursday: January 12th Edition

  1. I love watching Storage Wars too. Fascinating stuff!

    That’s wonderful that your son loves hummus. My boys won’t touch it. But, I love it too. I just found a local company that makes some really interesting, delicious flavors of hummus preservative free! I bought the Cranberry Apple and Kale Lemon. yum!

  2. As much as I like Tim Tebow and would love to see Denver win, I have a sneaking suspicion their playoff run is going to end Saturday. I forget, are you the Denver fan, or the New England one?

    • I am a Patriots fan from way back. My first season of fantasy football was won for me by Tom Brady so I’m hoping the Patriots take it all the way!!!!

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