Random Thought Thursday: January 5th Edition

  1. True Story: I forgot I was scheduled to work this weekend.  When I scheduled my Sundays I thought I had taken two weeks off after Christmas.  I had taken two Sundays but not two weeks.  Luckily I happened to look at my planner and noticed but this is how scattered I’ve been lately.  This is one of the reasons work is good for me.  I need structure!
  2. Star Wars on Blu Ray is awesome.  I got it for my husband for Christmas.  It’s very strange to see it in such detail as I remember watching it on my old TV in the 80’s and the picture quality wasn’t that great.  It’s been a lot of fun watching again.
  3. I am all about Crochet at the moment.  I just finished a white scarf and am currently looking for my next project.  I love the challenge it brings and I was able to crochet mug cozies for everyone in my family for Christmas.  I should go back to knitting at some point so I don’t forget how but it can wait for the moment.
  4. One of the most popular search hits for my blog lately has been “Courtney Stodden Church Outfit”.  Apparently people are dying to know what she wears to Church.  Sadly I have no updates for them.
  5. I had said I was going to do a Daniel Fast in January but with everything that’s happened lately I have not been able to get organized.  Hopefully I’ll get that up and running in the future. That said, even though I am not doing a structured fast or program I am trying to make healthier choices {and will blog about them!}.  Right now at this moment I am enjoying a Strawberry-Kiwi Smoothie which I made with my new blender that my husband got me for Christmas.    If you’d like to make yourself a healthy treat that is yummy and very like soft sherbet simply blend 2 c of frozen strawberries, 4 peeled kiwis, 1 c of water and 3 tbsp of lime juice together until smooth.  It’s sweet, tart, tangy and so very good.  It makes enough for two.

One response to “Random Thought Thursday: January 5th Edition

  1. 1. I’ve been out of sorts being out of our regular routine too. This week we’re all back to our normal schedules & as much as I enjoyed our time together as a family, some sort of structure really is so much easier!
    2. True story – I’ve never watched Star Wars….at all. I was a kid in the 70’s & 80’s, but all I’ve ever seen are snippets of it here an there.
    3. This one particularly caught my eye. This year I would really like to learn to knit & crochet! So, I’ll be watching closely to see if you do any posts on the subjects. 🙂
    4.I don’t even know who Courtney Stodden is? Isn’t it funny how some people find our blogs?
    5. I am happy to be back on the healthy eating train again after Christmas & New Year’s. And, I always enjoy your related posts.

    Happy New Year!

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