One word.

My son is asleep.  It’s 9:30 am.  He’s sleeping in because he chose to stay awake in his crib last night singing, playing and talking to us loudly to ensure we would hear him.  He doesn’t want to give up the day and it’s cute {for now}.  I’m using this time to catch up on some reading, drink one extra cup of coffee and contemplate the universe as I listen to the wind whip through the trees.  It’s the kind of day where movies and hot chocolate make their appearance.  I know that this afternoon will involve trains and snuggles.  For now in the quiet I sit, I think, I dream.

If I was like other bloggers I would be naming this year.  I’d declare 2012 the year of fearlessness, of hope or of grace.  I would say this was my focus and desire and that would be that but alas, I’m not like other bloggers.  I have searched for one word.  I deliberated and thought about what I should choose.  I came up empty.  In my life I’ve discovered that placing my desires and hopes above God’s leads to pain and suffering.  It’s far better to wait and see what God has in store than to place my agenda at the forefront.  So here I am waiting, thinking and wondering.

This year while I may not have a word, I will continue to follow God.  I will attempt to listen, act and dream as God wants me to. When I fail {which I will} I’ll just start again.  This journey isn’t about me, it’s about relationship and God’s actions and participation in my life.  I pray that God will enter my life and use me as he requires.  I know that God will work on my weaknesses and help me discover strengths.   This year I will let God take the reigns and show me where I fit.  I guess if you think about it you could say my theme is God.  I guess 2012 is the year of our Lord as all years are, as all years should be.


4 responses to “One word.

  1. Your one word? Obvious: Faith. Mine is not as strong as yours but I don’t expect much except hopefully to walk in His light.

    • Thank you Carl! I appreciate your word. I actually had a call from my Dad and he said you were spot on. Perhaps I should think about this a little more. I think you expectation to walk in his light is quite wonderful. It’s something we all should desire, isn’t it?

  2. What a lovely, wise post! Wishing you a healthy, happy New Year, full of many blessings!

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