A life worth living.

I find it interesting that someone found my blog yesterday by searching the term “we gather at this table to celebrate life”.   As my family gathers together to mourn the loss of my Grandfather I find that we as a family are gathering together at tables and while we grieve we celebrate.  We embrace the man that he was.  His presence was large and wonderful.  His warmth and grace was felt by everyone.  He lived a life that was enviable by most standards and no matter how much time we had together, it was never enough.  He will be missed.

As we gather together now in the holiday season, the message seems in a way more significant.  Jesus who came to save is born into this life.  A life of pain and loss, of joy and celebration.  He came to truly live and teach us how to do the same.  My Grandpa listened to that message.  He loved Jesus.  He knew how to celebrate and embrace what life offered.  He loved and was loved.  He had a life worth living.   I’ll miss him terribly but he taught me a lot and for that I will always be grateful.




One response to “A life worth living.

  1. Great Stuff. He is still with you.

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