With the Jingle bells and the toys…

“With the jingle bells and the toys and the TV shows and the noise, it’s easy to forget…”
Hannukah Blessings by the Barenaked Ladies

The noise around me right now is overwhelming.  Yesterday was spent at the mall where I was pushed and shoved by people who absolutely had to have whatever it  was I was in front of.  Spinach was thrown at my head in the grocery store on Thursday while I was attempting to help a woman who seemed frantic.  I’ve met people from Church who seem dragged down by the to do lists in their heads.   It doesn’t feel like Christmas is in the air.  It feels more like the end times.

I know what it’s like to worry that things won’t get done.  My shopping isn’t completed.  My Christmas Eve service is still not on paper {and I’m getting slightly panicked}.  There’s a potluck at Church tomorrow that I don’t have anything made for.  I’ve neglected writing.  I’ve neglected laundry.  It’s a very busy time of year.  It shouldn’t be this way.  We’ve forgotten what matters.  We’re pushing aside what counts.

This week while I was listening to my Christmas music, I happened upon my Barenaked Ladies for the Holidays album and was struck by the lyrics in the Hannukah Blessings song.   As they sung about how easy it is to forget Hannukah when surrounded by the busyness of Christmas, I realized how this also applies to us Christians as well.  When faced with the endless things we think must get done, activities and events we have to attend and the need to finish getting presents, we sometimes forget the baby Jesus.

The baby is coming.  In the midst of our frantic preparations, he will arrive.  Will we hear his cry?  Will we acknowledge him in the coming days?  Will we remember what Christmas is truly about?


One response to “With the Jingle bells and the toys…

  1. This post sounds a lot like how I’ve been feeling this Advent. The noise, commotion, to do lists all seem to crowd out what we’re preparing to celebrate. And, I’m afraid Christmas will come and go & I’ll be left feeling empty….because I missed the point.

    By the way, on a lighter note, I would love to hear why spinach was thrown at your head in the grocery store! That sounds like a story!

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