Random Thought Thursday: December 15th Edition

  1. I am in the fantasy football playoffs!  I am very excited.  It was a stunning comeback after a terrible season.  I’m quite pleased with my players at the moment.
  2. Our little people nativity constantly looks like a hurricane went through Bethlehem.  X. plays with it all the time and enjoys himself {and that’s what it’s for} but it is quite unusual to see everything in disarray.  Definitely not your typical nativity scene, that’s for sure.
  3. Remember the accidental breakfast biscuits from last week?  I froze some to bring out later as a treat for X.  That day was Tuesday and he went crazy for them again.  If you’re looking for a biscuit over the holidays give them a try.  They are so good!
  4. At this time of year it can get easy for me to get so caught up in the details of service preparation that I miss the point of the day.  This year I am working hard to prevent that from happening.  I’m reading my Bible, taking some quiet time alone and really attempting to make room for family time.  As we head into the last weekend before Christmas I urge you to do the same.  We all need to take some time to reflect and enjoy the season.
  5. This last one isn’t technically a thought, it’s a video.  I love the Barenaked for the Holidays album and this song is one of my favorites on it.  Enjoy!    

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