Random Thought Thursday: December 8th Edition

  1. Life here has been incredibly busy but fun.  We’ve been to parades and dinners.  We’ve sat around the tree, gabbed with friends and just enjoyed the season.  While I wouldn’t mind a day at home I really treasure this time of year when everyone comes together.
  2. My baking has been a bust so far.  It’s been good, don’t get me wrong but I haven’t found that perfect cookie/square to complete the holiday round up.  I hope this week will be better on the baking front.
  3. I think I might be killing my blender with smoothies.  It makes a horrible groaning sound and I’m afraid it will explode any day now.  I’m sure there will be sales after Christmas if it does die so I’m not terribly worried.  It’s given me 5 solid years and I’ve somewhat abused it.
  4. Football is brutal!  I’m so close and yet so far away from the playoffs. It comes down to this weekend, and these match-ups.  It feels wrong to hope others will lose and yet I cannot deny that I long for a spot in the championship.  Wish me luck!
  5. I have no Christmas gifts purchased.  I am working on some of the homemade gifts I have planned.  Never before have I been this far behind!  This weekend I must catch up and get organized.  Wish me luck!

Enjoy this week and Merry Christmas!  I hope you’re enjoying the season.


4 responses to “Random Thought Thursday: December 8th Edition

  1. I only have 2 Christmas gifts purchased so far. I just haven’t got to it yet. Every year I tell myself I’m not going to wait until the last minute and every year I wait until the last minute. 🙂

    Maybe you will get a new blender for Christmas this year!

  2. I love your header and the snow! Do you want to hear that my team is 11-2? This is the best year I’ve ever had! I’m hoping with you that you continue into the playoffs. : )

    I’m sadly behind on gifts as well.

    • So glad you’re doing well Lisa! That’s awesome! I hope I can pull it off but if not, what can you do. Being behind on gifts is not something I’m used to. Here’s hoping we both catch up this weekend!

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