Mistletoe & Me.

I have the new Christmas song Mistletoe running through my head.  It doesn’t stop. Apparently I have Bieber fever. I have to say that it’s better than the train wreck that was ‘All I want for Christmas’ but it’s still not something I want playing in my head over and over again.

Here’s the video but if you choose to skip it I’ve picked out my two favorite lines for you:

“The wise men followed a star….the way I follow my heart”
“Don’t you buy me nothing…”

Who writes this stuff and why is it always songs like this that get stuck in my head?  Why?????

Regardless of how I feel, I think there is something we as Christians can learn from Bieber.  He sells himself well.  He has a brand.  He’s all about charming the young ladies and he will stop at nothing to see that he dominates the world.
When looking at Mr. Bieber, there are three things I can see that would help those of us in the Church who are struggling to find a new identity and discover God’s mission for us in the present.
  1. We need to brand.  We must find our own identity and run with it.  I’m not suggesting selling Jesus out.  The Gospel is the message and our lives should reflect our belief in Christ and his teachings.  But with that said, I don’t believe that ‘branding’ or finding your own ‘unique identity’ is a bad thing.   Each individual church has strengths and weaknesses.  We should acknowledge these and build upon our strengths.  After all, If we don’t know who we are how will anyone else?  When we serve the Lord in the ways we are called to, we will be successful.  Branding is just one way of figuring out who we are, what our gifts might be and letting others know.
  2. Our service should be tailored towards the people we are wishing to reach.  This video is tailored towards a certain group of young women.  Bieber knows how to reach them.  He gives them what they want.  As a Church we need to teach the message of Jesus in a way that is relevant to today.  We have to connect with people. If we don’t know them, or what they find interesting there is no way we are going  to be able to share the Good News with them.
  3. Finally, we need to be willing to lay it all on the line.  Like Bieber we should work incredibly hard to achieve what we dream.  He is 17 and a superstar.  He is motivated, hard working and he did not quit. We should work that hard to share the Gospel.  If we don’t dream, vision and put the work in, nothing will change.
As much as this song drives me insane running on loop in my head {thanks Sarah} it has caused me to reflect on what Bieber has accomplished, what I can learn from that and that’s not so bad.  Besides as it was playing while I was writing this, my husband took my hand and danced with me {Jr. High Style}.  While it was meant to be funny, any excuse to dance with him is always nice.

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