You’ve let me down Bieber…

I’m horrified by this video.  Words cannot accurately express the genuine concern I have for 14 year old girls all around the world right now who are subjected to this.  What is the point of this?  Aside from the obvious Mrs. Robinson theme and the exorbitant fee Macy’s must’ve paid to be featured in this, all this video is about mass consumption and product placement.  Is this really what Christmas is about?

Uncool Bieber, uncool.


6 responses to “You’ve let me down Bieber…

  1. The unfortunate thing is the girls that like Bieber are much younger than 14. My daughter is 14 and way past him…It would be nice to have some positive roll models for our kids in the main stream music industry but I dont see it happening..They all seem to end up doing stuff like this!!!

  2. The more unfortunate thing is that the goal of ‘mainstream’ entertainment is not to provide positive role models, but to sell stuff. Mr. Bieber is only following the money – no matter what his publicist would have us believe about his “wholesome, small town values…(whatever THEY are).
    Now, off to pack my Bieber lunch box for another busy day at the office.. 😉

  3. Reblogged this on O to the No and commented:
    This post was in my blogroll this morning. My first instinct was to laugh… hard. But I totally agree with the writer… this is a new low for Biebs.

  4. … I thought this was supposed to be a romantic song … so sad

  5. Wow. Just, wow. Sad.

  6. what about Mariah – new mother of twins – barely keeping it in that little red suit!!!! at least it looked innocent at the end and she didn’t plant any kisses on the beiber!

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