Random Thought Thursday: December 1st Edition

  1. I cannot believe it’s December already!  It feels like the year has flown by.  We have our first holiday party on the weekend, a Santa Clause parade to attend and an Art Walk.  It would seem that the season is off to a great {and busy} start!
  2. My mission for this week is to create a perfect peppermint sugar cookie.   I’m not sure whether to incorporate the mint right into the cookie or just layer it on top with the icing.  Decisions, decisions!  I’ll be sure to post the recipe if it turns out.
  3. Today I’m collecting food for the food bank {as part of our Advent Project}.  I started collecting a few things on the weekend but will do the big push today.  While I’m out grocery shopping I think I’ll hunt for some necessary staples that are on sale to supplement what I’ve got here.  If you’re participating in the project I’d love to hear how you’re doing today!  Please leave a comment and let me know.  🙂
  4. I think that The Smurfs looks like the dumbest movie ever and I watched The Smurfs religiously as a child.  I am sure I’ll have to watch it as some point but I have to wonder are there no new ideas in Hollywood?  Are we to expect a Gummi Bears movie next? How would that even work?
  5. I am currently in sixth place in my Fantasy Football league.  I possess the third highest points of all players.  My team is good on paper yet manages to fail me more than 50% of the time.  This week is the point at which I must win in order to have a chance at a place in the playoffs {competition is that tight!}.  Wish me luck!

Bonus: For those of you who may have watched Gummi Bears and now have the theme song running through your head thanks to random thought 4, I thought I would attach the opening credits for you so you can relive your youth.

2 responses to “Random Thought Thursday: December 1st Edition

  1. In Florida there are several food bank organizations that serve several hundred thousand people every week. The food is donated and the people volunteer to set up and work the sites. The state of Florida subsidized the rent for the several dozen facilities out of which they operated several times a month. It cost a mere $800,000 a year and governor Rich Scott deleted it from the budget. He’s a cost cutter , you see. Yet million$ still go to the same old leeches for their questionable this or that projects. They always hurt the most vulnerable and $800,000 is so relatively insignificant and did so much good for so many.

    • This is just so sad. I cannot fathom why this happens and yet so many times essential services for people in need are the first to go. Something has to change.

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