Is Courtney Stodden welcome at your Church?

What if Courtney Stodden came to your Church dressed like this?  Would you be okay with it?  Would you welcome her?

Courtney Stodden made waves this week as she attended a Church service in this little black dress.  The 17 year old newlywed is not shy and has drawn much attention over the past few months with her provocative tweets, fashion choices and her decision to marry a man who is 34 years older than her, but that’s not what matters here.   What matters here is how we would respond to her.

When this article came up this week, my husband found it and asked me how I would feel if someone walked into Church dressed like this.  My first response {and I admit it’s not good} was that I would likely want to laugh.  Now it’s not what you think, I wouldn’t want to laugh at her but instead at the horrified faces I’d expect from some congregants. Lately I’ve been supplying in much older congregations where Courtney would stick out like a sore thumb.  On Sunday they notice what I wear and make comments on how my suit looks on me.  This  dress would definitely attract attention. I’m not sure what their response would be to someone dressed like this but I’m fairly certain it’s not as warm and accepting as I would like.

The thing is, I shouldn’t have to question whether she would be welcomed.  I shouldn’t be reading articles questioning her faith based on what she wears.  She should be accepted, loved and nurtured within the confines of the Church.  She should be included and cared for so that she might see that her value is more than her sexuality or looks.

As Christians we need to move out of judgement and into love.  We need to be like Jesus and seek out those who are lost, hurting and offer them what they need.  As a Church we’re struggling to discover why no one wants to come and perhaps part of the problem lies within us.  We only want to include those who we know.  We only want people who will fit in our mold.

It’s time to break the mold and start looking at the world as Jesus would.  We need to see past the outside and seek out the hearts of those around us.   This video says it all.


3 responses to “Is Courtney Stodden welcome at your Church?

  1. Delightful vid. Our Christian behavior should not take different forms depending where or with whom we are. That being said, sanctuary is sanctuary and a certain demeanor is to be expected. It is called reverence.

  2. I am reading an absolutely delightful book right now that goes along with this theme. It is by Nancy Rue, and it’s called The Reluctant Prophet. It’s a fiction book, but it is so very good! If you’re in the mood for some good fiction focused on what you wrote about today, I heartily recommend it!

  3. Thank you! Beautifully stated — and the video is awesome.

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