Our Tree {Part One}

Yesterday we put up our upstairs tree.  It was hilarious as it was X’s first experience watching it happen.  Last year the trees miraculously appeared on their own and he thought it was incredible.  He clapped, shouted yay and generally just enjoyed the experience.  One of the things I like about this tree is that it’s our family tree.  There are all kinds of ornaments and decorations that don’t really match but have meaning.  It’s got multi-coloured lights and it’s marvelous.  Totally tacky and not at all designer but that’s what the basement tree is for.

There are all kinds of ornaments on the tree.  We have the nativity scene, hand carved and bought at a 10 000 villages sale bought while I was at seminary and only had a tiny 24$ foot high tree.

There’s this random Cartman ornament whose origins are unclear yet each time I pull it out of the box, I laugh at the absurd quality of it and it’s obvious difference from the other ornaments.

And then there’s this one.  Peace.  A part of a set of four given to me for buying a Christmas book many years ago.  I love how they shimmer on the tree.

These ornaments are a collection of memories and experiences from years past.  This year as I’m out and about I’m sure I will collect a few more and it will only serve to make it a more special, unique tree.  We will make new memories this year and find different ways to express the hope and joy of the season.  As we do, I will look to our tree and remember the years past, grateful for all we have done and all we have yet to do.


2 responses to “Our Tree {Part One}

  1. This is a lovely post. I thought the last paragraph was especially beautiful, but the whole post made me smile as we have a one tree which has all the sentimental family ornaments on it – including some made by my son, and even one I made back in kindergarten! We used to have to lift my son up to put the 30+ year old angel on top (my late Dad bought her for me when I was little) and now my son towers over her! We have our second ‘designer tree’ in the living room 🙂 It’s nice to know others have this tradition too!
    (By the way, you would be welcome to share this lovely seasonal post with the Gallery of Favorites, which is open for a few more hours, if you have time.)

    • Thanks April. I’m glad we’re not the only ones too! I love the history that comes with trees like this and it’s always special when you pull out the ornaments and discover them again each year.

      I’ve posted this on the Gallery of Favorites and thank you for reminding me about the blog hop! There are lots of great posts and I look forward to going through them.

      Have a lovely week!

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